Toward Preventing Physician Suicide: Incorporating the Insights of Those They Leave Behind

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Presenting Author(s): Dr. Michael Myers, MD

Date and time: 23 Mar 2019 from 09:00 to 10:00

Location: Wildrose Salon C  Floor Map


  1. Discuss the biopsychosocial risk factors for mental illness and suicide in physicians;
  2. Grasp how stigma works against recognition of illness in physicians and their caregivers; and
  3. List the systemic, institutional, intercollegial, familial and individual changes that must occur to stop physicians from killing themselves.

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Physicians take their own lives when many diverse and overwhelming forces come together all at once—a tragic and horrific perfect storm of biopsychosocial factors. The backdrop is stigma, a force that is pernicious in the house of medicine. In this presentation, I will update the attendees about what we know and don’t know about the multiple dynamics that drive physicians to take this desperate and irreversible action. I will also discuss unpublished findings from my international qualitative research project interviewing survivors of suicide loss: physician families, colleagues, friends, employers, students, professors, training directors, therapists and patients. Many of these individuals have joined forces with physician health professionals to make a difference and to save lives. They want to ensure that all ailing physicians have the support of their colleagues, including access to state-of-the-art mental health care.

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