Section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (SCAP)

The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (SCAP) was founded in 2002. The creation of SCAP allows for child and adolescent psychiatrists in Alberta to have a greater voice with respect to subspecialty issues.

In 2007, an affiliation agreement was signed between SCAP and the Alberta Psychiatric Association (APA). This provided the ability for SCAP to collaborate with the APA on behalf of child and adolescent psychiatrists in Alberta in the joint responsibilities of:

  • Educational and scientific needs
  • Scholarly work
  • Standards of practice
  • Advocacy regarding patient care delivery and promotion of the well-being of our members.

SCAP works with the APA in developing the program for the APA Annual General and Scientific Meeting in Banff.

The SCAP President, and an AMA Representative Forum (RF) delegate represent SCAP on the APA Executive. Having delegates to the AMA governing body from the AMA Representative Forum (RF) enables a more powerful negotiating body within the AMA and with the government.

SCAP welcomes new members, encourages members to become active in SCAP activities and endeavors to foster an interest in child and adolescent psychiatry among trainees.

While the APA is the primary organization for liaising with other organizations, including but not limited to the Canadian Psychiatric Association and other provincial psychiatric associations, SCAP is responsible for liaising with organizations representing child and adolescent psychiatrists, including but not limited to, the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Our Executive

Dr. Michael Stubbs, President

Dr. Sterling Sparshu, President-Elect

Dr. Lindy VanRiper, Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Wallace Smart, Fees Committee Representative 

Dr. Tyler Pirlot, AMA Representative

Dr. Martin Vetter, Member at Large (South)

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Naseer, Member at Large (South)

Dr. Heidi Wilkes, Member at Large (North)