From A Shared Decision to A Joint Success in Long Term Treatment in Schizophrenia

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Presenting Author(s): Dr. Stephan Heres, MD

Date and time: 22 Mar 2019 from 11:20 to 12:50

Location: Wildrose Salon A/B  Floor Map


  1. Attitude towards treatment options; why classical SDM is not implemented in mental health care and how SDMplus differs from classical SDM (the APSIS trial);
  2. Care giver burden - outcome improvement through care giver involvement; and
  3. LAI treatment – SIRS & APA & ACNP & ECNP 2018 summary update on most current evidence.

Literature References



Shared-decision-making is broadly accepted as a welcomed approach by all stakeholders in schizophrenia Treatment. yet SDM does seldom actually happen in our clinical Routine. Reasons will be discussed and new strategies demonstrated. An update on current caregiver burden resulting from informal caregiver effort will be reported and most recent findings in Long-acting-injectable Treatment of schizophrenia from conferences around the world sumarized focussing on their clinical relevance.

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