Dr. Sara Binder, MD, FRCPC

Sara Binder has worked as a consulting psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Adult Service (PAS) at the Foothills Medical Centre since 2008.  She works with adult outpatients who struggle with mood, anxiety and substance use disorders.  As part of her practice she teaches and supervises medical students and psychiatry residents.  She also treats health care professionals within her practice.

Over the last 3 years she has become interested in and developed some expertise in the area of adult ADHD.  She worked for one year as a consulting psychiatrist at the CanLearn Centre assessing adults with ADHD.  In October 2012 Dr. Binder started an Adult ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment stream within the PAS clinic where she works.  At present it is the only publicly funding ADHD clinic based in a hospital setting in Canada. 

Dr. Binder works with a team of therapists who have all been trained and become skilled in assessing, diagnosing and treating adults with ADHD.  She has also developed an ADHD medication group which meets with patients on a weekly basis to review response to medication.  Dr. Binder is passionate about this area of psychiatry – both the clinical aspects but also in educating other psychiatrists and primary care physicians in managing adult ADHD.

When not seeing patients and teaching she is the proud mom of two sons – 6 & 10y/o and spends many evenings and weekends in the hockey arena cheering them on!

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