Dr. Harleen Hehar

My name is Harleen and I am a fourth year psychiatry resident at University of Calgary. I was born in India, the land of spirituality, which formed the underpinnings for my love for inner growth and appreciation for diverse beliefs. I grew up in Calgary and completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences, where I had a chance to publish research evaluating the link between concussions and mental illness. I subsequently attended medical school at University of Calgary and was lucky enough to have found psychiatry as a discipline I was interested in pursuing further. During my residency, I founded an initiative that promotes mental health of South Asians, as this continues to be a highly stigmatized topic in this community. This initiative is known as SAYMH (South Asian Youth Mental Health). I continue to co-lead SAYMH with my colleague and friend, Raveen Virk, who is also pursuing her psychiatry residency in Calgary. We have had the privilege of working with many inspiring youth through our work with SAYMH. I hope to continue to practice psychiatry in Calgary after my training, with a special interest in psychotherapy as well a focus on culture and spirituality when it comes to healing. In my spare time, I enjoy meditating, travelling, and spending time with my husband and family.