Dr. Kimberly Williams, BSc (Pharmacology), MSc (Global Health)

Dr. Kimberly Williams is a resident doctor in psychiatry at the University of Calgary and was a co-chief resident. She is currently a second time Board Member of the Canadian Medical Association. She was the President of the Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC), the Social Medical Affairs Officer of the Junior Doctors Network of the World Medical Association and was the Vice-President Global Health for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. She has an BSc in pharmacology and an MSc in Global Health and worked as an epidemiologist prior to medical school. She created Kolabo, with Dr. Rita Watterson, an organization out of the University of Calgary that works collaboratively with the Catholic University of Allied and Health Sciences in Tanzania to create mental health education for medical and graduate students. Dr. Williams is also an advocate of physician health, and has worked as the co-chair of the RDoC Resiliency Working Group, which works to improve the wellness of resident physicians across Canada. She has helped to raise over $150,000 to fund the continuation of this program through the Canadian Medical Association Foundation.