CanREACH, Mental Health Literacy in Primary Care: the Art and Science of Implementation.

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Presenting Author(s): Dr. Sam Chang, M.D., FRCP, Dr. Geraldine Farrelly, Dr. Abdul Rahman

Co-Author(s): Dr. Eden McCaffrey

Date and time: 24 Mar 2018 from 14:30 to 14:50

Location: Hawthorn A  Floor Map


  1. Learn the details involved in the implementation of a Continued Medical Education from concept formation to funding and implementation
  2. Learn about the curriculum contents and guidelines for training requirements
  3. Learn about the objective evidence of behavioral change in trained participants and what this means to our community of both professionals and patients.



A mini-fellowship training program in Pediatric Pharmacology (PPP) was developed by Dr. Peter Jensen of The REACH Institute. The champion team behind CanREACH brought a pilot of this mental health literacy training program to fruition in the province of Alberta. CanREACH is dedicated to transforming health systems by empowering primary care providers to know and use the most effective evidence based methods for identifying and treating peadiatric mental health conditions.


This interactive workshop will present the developmental underpinnings of CanREACH program implementation, review the art behind the CanREACH program delivery model, and share the science of the CanREACH program’s impact on the community both for professionals and patients.


Observable and objective changes have found CanREACH trained physicians better able to identify and manage child and adolescent mental health concerns within their primary care practices thereby better utilizing specialized services (i.e., psychiatry referrals, emergency department visits). This research, published by CanREACH in the Journal “Evidence Based Medicine” is perhaps the first time that the clinical effect of training has been measured by a third-party using an independent means of assessment.


This workshop has appeal for anyone wishing to understand program implementation in medical education and/or wishing to learn more about an established medical education program in mental health literacy aimed at practice change processes for the benefit of future generations.

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