WORKSHOP: The Calgary Medical-Psychiatry Unit – The First Fifteen Years

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Presenting Author(s): Dr. Rupang Pandya

Date and time: 25 Mar 2023 from 14:10 to 15:10

Location: Wildrose Salon C  Floor Map

Learning Objectives

  1. Review the origin and admission criteria of the Medical Psychiatry Unit at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary;

  2. Review the role of a true multidisciplinary team using fascinating and novel case histories;

  3. Review the impact on clinical care, education and future research from the Medical Psychiatry Unit.


The Calgary Medical-Psychiatry Unit (MPU) is a novel unit in Canada located on a general medical ward at the Peter Lougheed Centre.

Our focus is to treat patients with highly acute medical and psychiatric illnesses which could benefit from co-managed care.

Our treatment team is a co-attentding physician model includes a Psychiatrist along with a variety of Internal Medicine and Hospitalist Physicians.

The team is composed of many allied health professionals including a clinical nurse specialist, social work, dietician, clinical ethics, spiritual care, pharmacy, occupational and physical therapy, transition services and others.

Our nursing staff have a medical background but have cross-training in psychiatric nursing.

The MPU is complementary to our Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service.

The foundations of the establishment of the unit along with lessons learned will be reviewed.

Fascinating case histories will be used to highlight our truly multidisciplinary team.

A discussion on the benefits of the MPU on clinical care, education of trainees and potential research opportunities will be explored.

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