WORKSHOP: Interventional Psychiatry Update

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Presenting Author(s): Dr. Kevin W. Morin, B.Sc.(Pharm), MD, PhD, FRCP(C)

Date and time: 25 Mar 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00

Location: Wildrose Salon A/B  Floor Map

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn recent Health Canada approved protocols used for treating OCD with rTMS;
  2. Learn new information for safe use of esketamine;
  3. Learn about Sigma-1 agonist pharmacology and its relevance in interventional psychiatry.


This workshop will review some of the exciting new developments in interventional psychiatry. New developments in repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation including new accelerated theta burst protocols for Major Depressive Disorder. The recent Health Canada-approved rTMS treatment protocols for OCD will be presented with review of the relevant neuroanatomical targets, cortical-striatal-thalamic circuits and hubs involved and the functional network neuropathology of OCD. An update on safety surveillance data concerning maintenance use of esketamine and it’s regulatory approval for the indication of suicidality. The pharmacology of the Sigma-1 receptor will be reviewed and discussed as a key mechanism of action of an oral formulation of a new NMDA-receptor antagonist/antidepressant (dextromethorphan/buproprion, Auvelity) that may be a good candidate medication for maintaining responders to esketamine.

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