Schizophrenia Treatment: 3 Key Things to Know About Antipsychotics and the Potential of Targeting Synapses

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Presenting Author(s): Prof. Oliver Howes, BM BCh, MRCPsych, PhD, DM, FMedSci

Date and time: 25 Mar 2023 from 09:00 to 10:00

Location: Wildrose Salon A/B  Floor Map

Learning Objectives

To understand:

  1. Learn major causes of mortality in schizophrenia and factors linked to this;

  2. Learn the effects of antipsychotics on metabolic parameters;


    LEarn the nature of synaptic brain changes in people with schizophrenia.


This talk will consider the synaptic hypothesis of schizophrenia, reviewing post-mortem evidence, and the
recent evidence for abnormal synaptic pruning in neurons from patients. It will then review new in vivo
evidence for lower synaptic protein levels in patients. It will then consider the implications for developing
new treatments beyond D2 blockers.

Literature References

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