Ecology of the Brain. Embodied and Enactive Cognition in Psychiatry

Date and time: 27 Mar 2022 from 11:30 to 12:30

Location: Virtual  Floor Map

Presented by Dr. Thomas Fuchs


Progress of neuroscience has favored reductionist concepts of mental processes as being produced and determined by the brain, and of mental illnesses being identical with brain dysfunctions. In contrast to these assumptions, the lecture presents an embodied and ecological concept of psyche and brain. It regards the brain not as separable, but as a relational organ embedded in constant interactions with the whole organism and the environment. Circular processes connect psyche, body, brain, and social world. Thus, it is not the brain as such, but the living human being which feels, thinks and acts. Therefore, mental disorders cannot be reduced to brain dysfunctions in principle. The consequences of this ecological concept for psychopathology and psychotherapy will be explained.


Learning Objectives

Objective #1 Describing the crisis of reductionism in psychiatry

Objective #2 Presenting an embodied and ecological concept of psyche and brain

Objective #3 Explaining its consequences for explaining and treating mental disorders


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