Evolution of Telepsychaitry, Digital Phenotyping, Online Therapy and Smartphone Apps for Care: Practical Clinical Considerations

Presenting Author(s): Dr. John Torous, MD, MBI

Date and time: 11 Apr 2021 from 09:00 to 10:00

Location: Virtual  Floor Map

Learning Objectives:

1. Define digital phenotyping and list three risks and benefits of this method of data collection;

2. List the four stages of the APA app evaluation framework in order of use; and

3. Be able to guide a patient though informed decision making in using a mental health related smartphone app.


As use of telepsychiatry in mental health via video/phone visits soars, it is important to also consider how asynchronous telepsychiatry tools like a smartphone apps can also advance care. This talk will review the current evidence for telepsychiatry as well as online therapies. Focusing on the newest advances, smartphone digital phenotyping and of real time data capture via smartphones will be covered next. Examples and methods for blending new technologies in care will be reviewed. Looking at the evolving smartphone mental health ecosystem, the talk will also cover apps claiming to offer various treatments and review the APA app evaluation framework as a tool to help evaluate claims and make more informed choices.

Literature References:

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