The Book Every Psychiatrist Should Read - 3 Minute Talks

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Date and time: 20 Mar 2020 from 16:30 to 17:30

Location: Hawthorn A/B/C  Floor Map

The session is designed to introduce listeners to a book that has affected the way we practice psychiatry with each book presented by one of our peers. 

Learning Objective

  1.  Consider a book that has affected the way we practise psychiatry.

Moderated by:  Dr. Gord Kelly

Presenter Book Title Book Author
Ernie Boffa Three Sheets to the Wind Pete Brown
Darcy Muir Regeneration Pat Barker
Jan Banasch When All is Said Anne Griffin
Dr. Adams How To Change Your Mind Michael Pollon
Mark Corie Talking To Strangers Malcolm Gladwell
Jamil Jivraj Second Mountain David Brooks



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