Dr. Eran Magen, PhD.


Eran Magen, PhD. is the founder of the Center for Supportive Relationships (http://SupportiveRelationships.org), which provides relational skills training for medical practitioners and trainees. Dr. Magen earned his in PhD in psychology from Stanford University and completed postdoctoral training in population health as a Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar, studying relationships as a public health resource. Dr. Magen's work has been published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals including Psychological Science and Emotion, as well as in popular outlets such as the Gold Foundation blog. Prior to founding the Center for Supportive Relationships, Dr. Magen served as the research director for the department of Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of Pennsylvania. To learn more about Dr. Magen, visit http://EranMagen.com.

Email: eran@SupportiveRelationships.org;

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Blog: http://eranmagen.com/mysisterskeeper/

Twitter: @EranMagen.

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